Why printing your photos is more important than ever

Can you remember the last time you printed out the photos from your phone or camera? With it being so easy to flick through them on our phones it’s no surprise that we often forget to print those memories to look back on.

Just look at that sofa! I love the feel of looking through a photo album, seeing what I looked like as a little one, my parents when they were younger and seeing how different photos (and furniture) looked.

Even though we think our phones are state of the art and take amazing photos, I am sure one day we will look back and the photos we once thought were top quality will look totally different!

When done correctly, printed photos can spark many memories and emotions, taking you right back to the moment you took them and holding them in your hands has much more sentiment than a pocket sized phone screen. All of my packages include a minimum of Five 6” x 4” prints making them perfect for frames & photo albums and they can be looked at and displayed straight away.

Let’s make 2019 the year we frame our photos or create albums to show our families now and in the future!

Bookings for 2019 are now open so if you are looking to capture family memories or your newest little arrival, I would love to hear from you.

Heather Horton1 Comment