Newborn photography session in Southampton

Welcome to the world Chester!

At just 6 days fresh, I had the pleasure of photographing baby Chester and his family, including newly appointed big brother!

Have you ever wondered what happens during a lifestyle session with a newborn? Well, it’s usally a whole lot of ‘awwww’s’ and ‘OMG SO CUTE’ moments.

They are full of snuggles, kisses and intimate moments as you all melt over the newest arrival.

Lifestyle sessions at home are perfect for new parents and parents with young children as everyonce can truly relax and there’s so much more flexibility.

Baby is wide awake for the whole session? - Newborns hardly open their eyes in the first few days, to have this captured is so special

Hungry baby? Why not take some time to have this special and intimate time documented?

Baby wakes up a lot during the session? Sleepy and awake shots in your gallery!? You lucky thing!

Young kids don’t want to play ball? Toddlers have a mind of their own, don’t panic! Let them play, sing, count baby’s toes… an entertained toddler is a happy toddler!

Baby is flying their way through the nappy pile? It’s inevitable isn’t it? Nappy changing breaks are a normal thing during a session, please don’t apologise, take as long as you need!

Here’s a peek in to a recent session! Interested in booking in or hearing more about sessions? Pop me a message I would love to chat with you x

newborn (1).jpg