Feeding Empowerment Session

On the 3rd August 2019 I launched a project to empower mums who feed their babies how they see best. Whether you’re breastfeeding, bottle feeding, tried breastfeeding but it didn’t work out, we wanted to remove that feeling of failing or guilt for however you are feeding your baby. Lots of mummas came forward and were super excited at the idea to create something special.

This session was designed to empower not only the mums attending, but open up the conversation to other mums to feed their babies how they see best, and leave them feeling confident about their decisions.

With lots of planning and keeping our fingers crossed for a sunny evening, the 30th August 2019 flew around and it was a beautiful evening!

As planned, all mummas were dressed in gorgeous white dresses and jumpsuits, creating unity and simplicity.

6:30pm came around, all the ladies had arrived so it was time to begin the session. We started with group shots, and as we had a group chat running before the session, everyone knew who was coming along so they all stood comfortably and confidently next to each other, laughing as their babies wriggled around.

Some of the dad’s were there too. At one point during the session I turned around to see them taking photos and smiling at their partners, it was so heart warming.

Many of these mums had been through a hard time at the beginning of their feeding journey, through lack of support, knowledge and confidence, they were left feeling isolated. 

By the end of the session they were talking openly, feeling confident and were excited to share the images with friends, family and across social media.

The response was huge, with words of congratulations, well done and a feelings of awe, these beautiful mama’s were left with not only a huge sense of pride, but also beautiful photographs that documented this special and important time.

Kate from Kate Quick Coaching wrote a poem below to accompany the session and sums up our goal perfectly.

How I feed my baby is my choice
So please give me a voice

I will feed my baby how I please
Sat in a restaurant chair
At a country fair
In my underwear
I don’t care

Empower me, support me
Don’t belittle or ignore me
If I need help
If I need to let it all out
Please be there
Don’t sit there, judge and stare

I am not a bad person, I have done no wrong,
I AM a mother, I AM strong.

I am growing my baby how I see best

HLP_9097-2 copy.jpg

As soon as I saw Heather’s post about the session I instantly knew I wanted to take part. I’ve previously worked with Heather and knew this project would be amazing! The message she wanted to portray was something I was passionate about.... a fed baby is a happy baby, be it breast or bottle.

I love the fact she’s included both ways to feed as it sends such a positive message out to all mums. Any way a mother decides to feed shouldn’t be judged and this project projects that message beautifully. I was initially nervous about shooting with other mums as I’m not 100% body confident since having Dakota but I needn’t have worried as all of the other mums were super nice.

I’ve also always been worried I don’t look ‘mumsy’ enough but I’ve come to realise a mum doesn’t need to look a certain way! On the evening of the shoot there was such a lovely atmosphere. Shooting at golden hour makes everything just magical! Standing amongst all the other mummas whilst feeding was so empowering and I was so proud to be helping portray the message Heather wanted to send out through the images.

On seeing the photos I was so happy I decided to take part! Heathers work portrays feeding mums beautifully. I’m so happy I have this beautiful picture to remember feeding my baby and proud to represent feeding mumma’s.


I was so keen to be involved in the feeding empowerment session because of my personal experiences with breastfeeding. After failing with my first son, I’m incredibly proud that I’ve been able to breastfeed this time, so I wanted it to be documented to empower other mama’s not to give up if the first time wasn’t successful!

On the evening of the shoot, I was so nervous to meet everyone, but excited at the same time. Everyone was so lovely and heather made us feel very comfortable and welcoming.
When receiving the images, I was amazed. They’re beautiful and I’m so thankful for having our journey documented in such a beautiful way!

empowerment 2.jpg

I took part in the ‘fed is best’ photo shoot and think the whole experience with Heather is just wonderful. I’m not the most confident person but I felt so comfortable and at ease during the shoot. Heather is so positive and just makes everything run smoothly and I will always go to to her for any future family photos as the outcome is absolutely beautiful!

empowerment 3.jpg
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