What To Wear To Your Family Photo Session

Let’s take a deep breath before we begin!

The idea of picking out a wardrobe for you and everyone else who will be part of the shoot can seem a little overwhelming. I completely understand and have put together some helpful tips to make selecting outfits easy and enjoyable.

First, for in-home sessions, I want you to think comfortable and like you’re actually just hanging out at home. Think bare feet, comfortable clothing, and remaining true to you!

For outdoor sessions, try to coordinate your outfits by colour palette and try to avoid being really matchy. Remember cards in the 90’s where everyone would wear blue jeans and white t-shirt? That’s exactly what we want to avoid.

  1. Stick with light, pale, neutral colors - avoid fluorescent

  2. Layer your clothing and jewelry to add depth and texture - think hats, vests, scarves, belts, etc.

  3. Be comfortable - steer clear of heels or clothing that is too tight. You want to be able to move around and feel good.

  4. Flowy dresses work beautifully on women and girls - they show motion and move with you as opposed to staying rigid. In Winter it may be a bit chilly for dresses so I suggest long flowy skirts with a long sleeve top and jacket or a tunic with jeans and a jacket .

  5. Plain v-neck t-shirts are always great for boys and men - polos and sturdy collared shirts can leave guys looking a little stiff.

  6. No logos or words - stay timeless by avoiding words and logos that will date the images.

I am happy to consult you directly on wardrobe if you are interested. Just let me know.

I also have a Pinterest board you can use to get some inspiration.

Heather Horton