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Having a maternity session is a beautiful opportunity to connect with your partner and or younger children. While I can guide you, I love watching your personalities mix, and defined characteristics of relationships with each other reveal themselves. I’m here to calm your nerves and I ensure even the most ‘camera shy’ individual will ease into relaxation to capture beautiful moments.




Lifestyle newborn sessions include newborn, parents and siblings and take place in the comfort of your home. Sessions are calm, natural and focus on the connection and love in your family. Sweet snuggles, those adoring looks as you admire your new baby, and your babies tiny fingers wrapped around yours - these are some of the precious moments that will be included in your gallery.



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As a lifestyle photographer, I am all about taking time to guide you into authentic moments with your loved ones during your shoot. I will not be focusing on the “look-at-the-camera-and-say-cheese” types of images during our shoot. I’m here to calm your nerves and I ensure even the most ‘camera shy’ individual will ease into relaxation to capture beautiful moments. I love when families take over after one simple prompt and allow their interactions to unravel honestly. Sitting back and capturing these moments and natural connections happen in front of my camera is my absolutely favourite.


When you book in for a session, you will receive a session preparation guide covering clothing tips, location ideas and prep tips. I will be on hand to guide you and answer any questions you may have.

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Where will my session be held?

We have two general options for the location of your shoot; in your home or at an outdoor location. Both of these options are beautiful and you should make the choice based on what you’re hoping to get out of your images.


What should I wear?

The idea of picking out a wardrobe for you and everyone else who will be part of the shoot can seem a little overwhelming. I completely understand and have put together some helpful tips that will be sent to you when your session is booked to make selecting outfits easy and enjoyable.


When do newborn sessions occur?

I like to do newborn sessions within the first two weeks of life however the wonderful thing about lifestyle photography is that we don’t have to be within a strict window like traditional newborn photography.

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